Landscaping Services

Interlock (Interlocking Stone)

At Ideal Landscape Services we use products from proven manufacturers. Our installation process goes beyond most industry standards to give you the assurance of a long lasting result. Base prep with the proper materials is key to the longevity of the process and your final product.

Natural Stone

Similarily to interlock, base prep is the key for a lasting result. Keeping the overall look and feel with the stone is vital to maintaining the beauty that Mother Nature has produced. We strive to use products from local quarries.

Armour Stone

At Ideal Landscape Services we take pride to create good lines and joints with armour stone. Its important to have a natural finished look to an Armour stone wall. Tight fitting stone-to-stone joints and no visible "shimming" will create a beautiful garden or retaining wall for you to enjoy.

Water Features

When it comes to Water Features, Ideal Landscape Services takes great pride in recreating one of Natures most beautiful and dynamic features for you. Sound and the movement of the water are what make a water feature come to life. We go to great lengths to ensure this experience will be soothing, almost therapeutic.

Softscape / Garden Design

The finishing touch of plants will help transform the look and feel of any project. We are all aware of the important functions of plants in our daily lives, so why not surround yourself with them. Plants give so much day after day. At Ideal Landscape Services we use locally grown plant material from reputable growers. 

Outdoor Living

With your dream ideas and our expertise, Ideal Landscape Services will create your outdoor living space. From lighting to a full entertaining area, we will make your dream area come to life.

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